Teeth Whitening in Manchester

Most people do not have very white teeth naturally but nowadays everyone wants to look their best and we are bombarded with media images of celebrities with perfect teeth. This perfection is achieved with whitening, orthodontics, composite bonding, veneers or a combination of these.

We offer a range of whitening products.

The Park Dental Practice professional whitening system
This involves the use of custom made trays and professional tooth whitening gels. These trays are worn for as little as 30 minutes a day and can lighten your teeth by several shades.
Professional Whitening Strips
Whitening Strips are mouldable plastic strips containing the optimum amount of whitening gel to simply, safely, and effectively, whiten your teeth. With a unique gentle whitening formula that helps to limit tooth sensitivity, these enamel-safe professional whitening strips are designed to follow the contour of your teeth, enabling you to safely and comfortably achieve whiter teeth by applying the strips for 60+ minutes once a day for 14 days.

We have 2 versions available – one for sensitive teeth (which contains 4% hydrogen peroxide) and a stronger premium whitening strip (which contains 6% hydrogen peroxide) for more effective whitening.

Call the practice for information on our latest whitening offer 0161 773 3222
Interest free credit is available for all treatments over £400 (terms and conditions apply)
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